What are the causes of ADHD?

There are many possible causes of ADHD, which include:

    • Genes

The majority cases of ADHD are has a strong genetic basis. A child with ADHD is four times as likely to have a relative who was also diagnosed with attention deficit disorder.

    • Nutrition and Food

For certain components of the diet, that is including food addictives and sugar. It can have clear effects on behavior. Some experts believe that food addictives may exacerbate ADHD. And a popular belief is that refined sugar may be to blame for a range of abnormal behaviors. Some studies also suggest that a lack of omega-3 fatty acids is linked to ADHD symptoms. This is because of these fats are important for brain development and function.

    • The Environment

Between ADHD and maternal smoking, there may be a link. However, women who suffer from ADHD themselves are more likely to smoke. Nicotine can cause hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in uterus. Lead exposure has also been suggested as a contributor to ADHD. Even if the paint no longer contains lead, it is possible for preschool children who live in older buildings may be exposed to toxic levels of lead from old paint or plumbing that has not been replaced.

    • Brain Injury

Brain injury may also be a cause of attention deficit disorder in some very small minority of children. This can come about following exposure to toxins or physical injury, either before or after birth.

How is ADHD Diagnosed?

ADHD is diagnosed by the child’s doctor, with input from the family and other professionals. These professionals include the following:

  • speech-language pathologists (SLPs)
  • regular, special education and resource teachers
  • nurses
  • psychologists
  • employers (when applicable)

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